International student insurance is mandatory for all global students. As the particular government does not provide health coverage to tourists and international learners, student insurance will generally protect you from medical expenses that are commonly expensive. Moreover, you must have international student insurance on hand to apply for a resident permit in the country.
Additionally, the insurance excess cannot be more than 300 EUR. Your student insurance should be valid throughout your stay in the country. our student insurance will cover medication and prescription drugs to help you save money in Europe!

  • Provides comprehensive health insurance coverage, including medical expenses, hospitalization, and prescription drugs, ensuring that international students can access healthcare when needed.

  • Many international student insurance plans are designed to be cost- effective for students, making it more affordable for them to access healthcare services.

What type of International Student Insurance Will I Need to Enroll in the Country?

Citizens from non-EU/EEA countries who will study in Europe must have valid health insurance if their studies last more than three months.
Enrollees planning to study in the country for less than two years must have international student insurance with up to 120,000 EUR coverage.
On the other hand, those studying for over two years must get insurance with 40,000 EUR pharmaceutical coverage.


    • 1. Health Coverage
    • 2. Worldwide Coverage
    • 3. Affordable Premiums
    • 4. Emergency Assistance
    • 5. Legal and Liability Coverage
    • 6. Customizable Plans
    • 7. Visa and University Requirement Compliance
    • 8. Access to Network Providers
    • 9. Language Support
    • 10. Peace of Mind